Calculus Solutions EX#5.4

  Question 1. Evaluate.   (a)     (b)     (c)     (d)     (e)     (f)     Question 2. (a)       (b)     (c)     (d)     (e)       (f)     Questions 3-8. Write each expression in sigma notation but do … Read more

Calculus Solution Ex#5.3

    EXERCISE Evaluate the integrals using appropriate Substitutions     then the above integral becomes     From (1) substituting into (2).         then the integral (1) becomes     Now substituting into (3)         Then the above integral becomes     Substituting into (1)       … Read more

Calculus Solution Ex #5.2

In this section, we shall develop the concept of antiderivatives. It contains solutions to integration problems. (1) —┬áIn each part, confirm that the formula is correct…. (a)     corresponding integration formula:     (b)     Corresponding integration formula:       (2)—In each part, confirm that the stated formula is correct by differentiating. … Read more